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Current Bugbrand chrisdermo

The Rack contains 20 Modules.

  • My tireless Frac shares 13 modules

    My tireless Frac
  • [bug | expanded synth voice] (copied from scanner_darkly) shares 12 modules

    [bug | expanded synth voice] (copied from scanner_darkly)
  • My eaten Frac shares 10 modules

    My eaten Frac
  • [bug | expanded synth voice] shares 12 modules

    [bug | expanded synth voice]
  • BREXBUG shares 11 modules

  • My fretful Frac shares 10 modules

    My fretful Frac
  • My funky Frac shares 12 modules

    My funky Frac
  • BugBrand DualShallow gigsystem shares 11 modules

    BugBrand DualShallow gigsystem
  • BugBrand DualShallow Gig system shares 10 modules

    BugBrand DualShallow Gig system
  • (copy) of a (copy) of a (copy) x (copy) x (copy) + (copy) (copy) (copy) *U* (copy) shares 12 modules

    (copy) of a (copy) of a (copy) x (copy) x (copy) + (copy) (copy) (copy) *U* (copy)
  • My pale Frac shares 10 modules

    My pale Frac
  • (copy) of a (copy) x (copy) + (copopy) *U* RED shares 10 modules

    (copy) of a (copy) x (copy) + (copopy) *U* RED