2 HP
Current Draw
30 mA +15V
1 mA -15V
$290 Price in €

This Module is discontinued.

Specs are approved by the manufacturer

Grilles V2.0 for FRAC/BugBrand system

Topographic Drum Sequencer

Format adaptation for BugBrand and FRAC modular systems of Mutable Instruments Grids open source project.

The difference with v1.0 is the MIDI IN (3.5mm stereo jack) which allows to sync the Grilles to external MIDI gear.
The other difference is the “s” in the name of the module.

This one is now coming with an alternative firmware installed. It keeps the functionality of the official firmware (euclidean & drum mode) but also adds a third mode: CLOCK DIV.
It means Grilles becomes a CV controllable clock divider thanks to TheSlowGrowth who coded this alt. firmware. Clock division works in internal and external mode.


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