1 HP
Current Draw
37 mA +15V
8 mA -15V
$304 Price in €

This Module is discontinued.

Specs are approved by the manufacturer

Le Seq Rev 2.0 for FRAC/BugBrand system

Step sequencer

Clock mode: internal / external / stop. Internal clock is adjustable via potentiometer.
Outputs: internal clock out, CV out.
Direction: pendulum, random, forward.
Output voltage range: between 0V to 10V adjustable via potentiometer.
Inputs: clock and reset react to gate signals.

Le Seq is an adaptation of Pure Sequencer, an open source project by gmsn.
Some parts in the circuit and in the code were improved, changed or added.
Rev 2.0 includes a header in the back of the module with 8 single step outputs, ready for Le Seq X expander.

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