3 HP
Current Draw
70 mA +15V
33 mA -15V
$365 Price in €

This Module is currently available.

Specs are approved by the manufacturer

Orgone Accumulator MK2 for FRAC/BugBrand


This project is based on an open source project made by Neutron Sound.

Scrotum Lab added CV inputs with offset/attenuation to allow wavetables selection on each of the 4 oscillators. The layout was also changed to fit 3FW (minimum FRAC size).

• CV inputs accept unipolar +10V voltage as well as +/-5V bipolar signal. Scan, Effect, Index, Freq have attenuverters. A, B, C, Mod have offset/attenuator potentiometer.
• 1v/oct calibrated (tracking 7 octaves).
• Power: +/-15V.


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