1 HP
Current Draw
80 mA +15V
12 mA -15V

This Module is discontinued.

Specs are approved by the manufacturer

Radio Music v3.2 for FRAC/BugBrand system

Sample player

Radio Music v3.2

This is an adaptation of Tom Whitwell (Music Thing Modular) open source project for BugBrand and FRAC modular systems.
The circuit was modified by Scrotum Lab, as well as the code.

Includes 16GB SD Card (original Sandisk Ultra microSDHC) and SD card adapter.
Also including audio samples.

Comes with a power cable with MTA-100 plugs found on the BugBrand system but can be ordered with a MTA-160 power cable instead, more common on FRAC systems.

On the Scrotum Lab version:
• CV IN mixing/attenuation
• CV IN works with +/-5V bipolar signal or +10V unipolar
• SMD components
• Power: +/-15V

Works also with Chord Organ or Telharfauxnium alternative firmwares (modified by Scrotum Lab to run with Radio Music v3.x).


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