2 HP
Current Draw
95 mA +15V
45 mA -15V

This Module is currently available.

A full-featured VCO

The STG VCO is an 2FU analogue relaxation core oscillator with sawtooth, triangle, and sub octave square wave outputs, and an integrated drift generator.

.VCO’s tuning system is unique in modular synthesis. There are three controls: Range, Semitone, and Detune. Range and Semitone are stepped controls on potentiometers.

The Range knob allows you to select wether the .VCO is an audio oscillator or low frequency oscillator. LFO, 32’, 16’, 8’, 4’, and 2’ are ranges most synthesists are familiar with, but the Wide mode allows you to sweep through 5 octaves with the Detune knob.

The Semitone knob sets a positive semitone offset to the oscillator and functions in all ranges. To make common values easier to get to, the root, fifth, and octave all have twice of the rotational degrees allotted to them as the other semitone values.

The Drift Generator could be described as a drunken walk, or perhaps a random wobbulator. In technical language, it is a random, in rate and peak, bipolar linear function generator with smoothing. Some people patch their entire synthesizer to do what this thing has built in! It can move veeeery slowly or squiggle very quickly. Its output is normalized to the modulation input, so it can be easily defeated by plugging a new source into the modulation jack.

This frac version has a direct output for the drift generator, which is itself a fantastic and completely unique random generator

In addition a pulse waveshaper from the STG .COM module is included, whose input is normalised to the sawtooth waveform, but it can be interrupted if you want to drive the pulse convertor from something else.

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