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Mini doepfer box Eurorack View
My Experiment (Passive/9v box) Eurorack View
My skiff (for now) Eurorack View
My second doepfer box (aqua) Eurorack View
doepfer portable rack Eurorack View


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Submitted Modules

Rings 8 HP EffectRing ModulatorSynth Voice View
Mooer Echo Verb 8 HP DelayReverb View
Mooer Lo-Fi Machine 8 HP Effect View
Mooer Solo Distortion 8 HP Distortion View
1song (9v version) 8 HP NoiseRandomSynth Voice View
ISD-1820 Ultra lo-fi sampler and looper 8 HP EffectNoiseSampling View
Dual Super Warp Generator 4 HP NoiseRandomEffectOscillatorRing Modulator View
0HP Vactrol VCA / Passive 4 HP VCA View