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Steevio Style Sequencing Core (copied from mylarmelodies) Eurorack View
84hp 6u Eurorack View
84hp 6u (Full V.1) Eurorack View


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A-183-2, A-160-5, A-160-2, A-147-2, A-170, A-140v, A-167, S-180 8-Step Sequencer, S-183 CV-8/2 outputs ...for S-180, A-185-2, A-182-1, S-050 VC 2ch(out) Clockworks5, O-210 VCO2, O-110 VCO1, F-510 Synare VCF, F-250 Resonator, C-211 DADSR – Delayed Envelope, C-217 DADSR Delayed Envelope, C-240 VC Envelope, S-181 Outs-8 Individual outs ...for S-180, S-188 VC Clock shuffler ...for S-180, S-184 CV-8/3 outputs ...for S-180 w. sliders , S-185 Gatsby, S-190 Clock Distributor, S-210 4ch Switch, Q-010 Easy Quantizer (W/Y/R knobs), U-020 Buffered multiple, A-310 Headphone Amp, P-110 Gate/trig switchable combiner, P-010 Switchable Multiple, M-011 Bipolar V-meter, S-080 Resettable divider, F-711 SV-VCF, M-100 Unity mixer w. transpose, U-012 Dual Attenuverter + DC, M-160 6ch mono/stereo/aux mixer, U-110 Dual Attenuator/CV Source, U-011 CV amplifier/shifter, S-010 Clockworks, C-410, J-120 Comparator, J-110 Derivator, E-510 Envelope Follower, S-410 Shaper, D-333 ROM Player, C-010 Dual Lag/Slew Limiter, F-110 5-band fixed filter bank, A-545 2ch balanced line inputs, A-560, A-570, A-540, S-075 Burst generator, L-125 Harmonics LFO, L-124 Harmonics LFO, L-127 Delayed LFO, B-010 Bool2 – logic module, B-020 Bool3 – logic module, M-110 3ch Mixer, M-053 3-ch Aux Mixer, M-012 Bipolar V-meter with Invertor, U-040 Min/max, S-090 Dual probability skipper, C-310 Dual Opto-FET S&H/T&H, C-011 Precision dual lag/slew limiter, C-012 Precision dual up/down lag – slew limiter, C-015, B-011 Sequential logic module, U-031 Quad Gate-to-Trig converter, U-080 Fix CV, A-011 Dual log VCA, A-012 Dual Lin VCA, A-148, A-196, A-171-2, A-151v, A-151 (OLD), A-166, DLY, Verb, Sound of Shadows, RT60, DLFO, A-183-1, Polivoks VCF (2013), BD808, SD808, uZeus, RS808, S-060 VC 4ch(out) Clockworks6, ROW POWER 30, ROW POWER 40, Delay, Pluck, Kick, Snare, Hat, Verb, Clk and ZeroScope
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