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uhfex rack 2Eurorack
Remnant synth (copy)Eurorack
Elektron 2Pedals
Elektron 1Pedals
nana xpanderEurorack
uhfex rackEurorack
Remnant synthEurorack
nanas on the sideSerge
frac bugFrac
SDIY BuchlergeEurorack
Ouija BoardPedals
kleine boxenEurorack
2 channel500 Series

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Collection 227 modules

A-181, Tyme Sefari 2, Phonogene, CVP, QMMG, Echophon, Wogglebug, modDemix, Hertz Donut, Rotating Clock Divider V2, Plog, MATHS, Thomas White Dual Resonant Lopass Gate, Hertz Donut Mk2, Model 218, Blank Panel, Blue Voice, CV-1 or Red Control, Soup Kitchen 1, 258j Dual Oscillator, Plague Bearer - v.3, A Sound Of Thunder MKII, CGS733 - 4x4 Matrix Mixer, ES-6 CV/Lightpipe Interface, Piston Honda mkII, FadeX, Function, I/O, Mini Wave, Time Machine, VCO, NTO, 4ms RCD (Grayscale panel), Dual VC Bandpass Filter, 281 Dual Function Generator (Grayscale panel), FRB-1, VCFQ, Barton VCA Mixer (Grayscale panel), ES-3 MK3, 6hp blank, Erbe-Verb, Toppobrillo Triple Wavefolder DIY (TWF), DTG, ACPR, 4hp Blank Alternative, modDemix 2014, Wave Multiplier, PCO Precision Oscillator, 5B1, 551, Xpressor 500, Xfilter 500, FET/500 Revision D, Richter Wogglebug 2014, Scaling Buffers, NoiseRing, Model 291, Tangle Quartet, BITRAZER, DEMORA, Model 208, EXTC, Serge VCFS + VCFQ, SERGE DSG mk2 & CV-PRO, Scaling Processor, DUAL LOWPASS GATE / TIMBRE / STEREO MIXER ("DONKS"), Dual Universal Slope Generator, Variable Q VCF Serge modular, Karacter 500, smooth / stepped generator SERGE MODULAR SSG, Serge Smooth & Stepped Generator / Random Source, Quadratt 1U, Wave Multipliers + Resonant EQ, Kinks, Dual Filter, Dual Amplifier, EQ573, Carnivore: Serge DSG mk2 / SSG / Noise, Serge Sequencer / Programmer 8 (SEQ8), Divide and Compare, Ears, MP573, Bison, New Timbral Oscillator (NTO), Field Kit, 3x VCA, ES-3 mk4, ES-6 mk2, Morphagene, Noise Tools 1U, MSCL, Modbox, S+H, Vector Sequencer, 0-Coast, Echo Park, PitchFactor, Ottobit Jr, Patchulator 8000, PS-5, MF Chorus, MT-2, 45000, MF-103 12-stage Phaser, SCH-1 Stereo Chorus, 8-Step, Ultra Fuzz UF-01, Verbzilla, Liqua-Flange, Silencer, Ring Thing, Protostar, Fish & Chips EQ, SQ-1, Operation Overlord, Super Pulsar, Expert Sleepers Disting MK4 (alternate panel), Shallow Water, AVert, Digital Delay / Sampler, Deluxe Memory Man 1100TT, Platform, Spring King, 535, Channel Switch, 0-Coast (Grayscale panel), Field Kit, Super Mod Workstation, French Toast, Zoia, Planar 2, Morgasmatron, Listen Four, Jack Expander, Unicorn V2, CVilization, Mutant Brain, tanh[3], SERGE DUAL SLOPE GENERATOR MK2 XL, Quartz Timer V2, SERGE TRIPLE + WAVESHAPER (TWS+) / NEW RING, Mini A/B Box 2, Listen IO, Mod Rex, Broadcast, MC404 CAE Wah, Zeroscope 1U, ENVF, QPAS, Resotron, 4x4 Matrix Mixer, Touch Activated Keyboard Sequencer, X-Pan, Stereo Line Out 1U, 1uO_c - 4Robots, 3u to 1u Adapter (Intellijel), Jekyll N Hyde, dual xfade, DSG (old), Quad VCA (old), PT Delay, CV Polymorpher - Model hOC, Voltage Circus – Model hVC, 202h Utilities, 281h Dual Function Generator, Dual PCO/Peak and Trough, ZOIA Euroburo, Lola - new front panel, Microcosm, The Clone Theory, Clockworks, Tube Zipper, Hungry Robot - LFO, Hungry Robot - S&H, Hungry Robot - Mixer, Realistic - Electronic Reverb, R*S TKB (w/ blue bananas) , DC Mix, Quadrature Sine, Benson Preamp Mk. II Automatone, 0-CTRL, Effectrode Phaseomatic Deluxe, Hungry Robot - Looping ADSR, Hungry Robot - VCA, Hors D'Oeuvre?, Mister Focus - COMP, Kaoss Pad KP3+, tàin, t_μ Micro Temps_Utile, CV.OCD, Alan & Friends, Pulsar 23, 4U x 104HP Palette Case Top Row STEALTH / BLACK (0.5U), 3U to 1U Panel, Convert, Polaron, Hungry Robot - Slew, Strega, Beads, Tube EQ, Boogie Pod, VLH - VCO's Little Helper, Switched Mult 1U, SLEDGEHAMMER, 2CK, Cocoquantus 2, Autodub , Sport Modulator 2 (both panels), Flip, 2130 VCO, Phaser, DIGENERATOR, KON, 266 (Black Corporation Reissue), Cascading Register, SHIFT CORE GENERATOR, Cluster (Silver Panel), LVL, Ya Jerk, QV-L, Plumbutter 2 (Ciat Lonbarde), Lorre-Mill Double Knot v2, Ornament-8, Lorre-Mill Keyed Mosstone, EBB & FLOW, MATHS (black panel) and Mimeophon

Rated Modules

This User rated 95 modules.

ADM17 Proton (5), Optomix (5), 0-COAST NOT A MODULE (DIY) (5), 0-Coast (5), Wogglebug (5), Rene (5), Ears (5), Dual LFO (5), CV Bus Case (5), Erbe-Verb (5), Echophon (5), Morphagene (5), Field Kit (5), Modbox (5), ornament+crime (pcb panel) (5), ES-3 MK3 (5), Mutable Instruments Clouds (Grayscale panel) (5), Make Noise Wogglebug (Grayscale panel) (5), A-185-2v (5), CGS733 - 4x4 Matrix Mixer (5), Thomas White Dual Resonant Lopass Gate (5), Pressure Points (Original Knobs) (5), Hermod (Black Panel) (5), Toppobrillo Triple Wavefolder DIY (TWF) (5), MMG (5), DPO (5), Mikrophonie (5), ADM12 Neuron (5), Piston Honda (5), MATHS (5), A-138d (5), Crossfold (5), Basimilus Iteritas Alter (5), Realistic - Electronic Reverb (5), Tyme Sefari 2 (5), CVilization (5), QMMG (5), Hertz Donut (5), Shelves (5), 4ms RCD (Grayscale panel) (5), Expert Sleepers ES-3 MK3 (Grayscale alternate panel) (5), ADM06 Sequencer 1 (5), Tides (2014 version) (5), Phonogene (5), temps utile (PCB Panel) (4), ADM16 DubJr Mk2 (4), μVCA II (4), Solenoid CV Velocity Expander (4), Brst (4), Mutant BD9 (4), SubMix6 (4), Disting mk4 (4), Rings (4), Function (4), Dixie II+ (4), SOLENOID (4), Mutamix (4), Voltage Block (4), Plague Bearer - v.3 (4), modDemix 2014 (4), Basimilus Iteritas (4), Triatt (4), Mutant Hihats (4), Noisy (4), modDemix (4), A-119 (4), Teleplexer (4), LP1lightplane (4), Vectr (Silver) (4), A-134-2 (4), Richter Wogglebug 2014 (4), Brains (4), Pip Slope (4), Dual VC Bandpass Filter (4), 258j Dual Oscillator (4), NoiseRing (4), Z3000 Smart VCO MKI (4), ES-6 CV/Lightpipe Interface (4), Corgasmatron (4), CVP (4), Pressure Points (4), Clouds (4), RCD - Rotating Clock Divider (Original Panel) (4), 281 Dual Function Generator (Grayscale panel) (4), Variable Q VCF Serge modular (4), Frames (4), Tangle Quartet (3), Nano Rand (3), Tiptop Audio ONE (Grayscale panel) (3), ROUTER (R) (3), AVert (3), Orbitals (3), MST VC LFO (3), FadeX (3) and PE-1 (3)
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