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Tile Row for Frac Eurorack View
MOTM Four Rows (two racks) MOTM View
E370 19" custom panel DESIGN Eurorack View
MOTM Rack 2 MOTM View
MOTM Misc Rack 3 MOTM View
Frac Processing Rack MOTM Annex - Three Row Frac View
Processing Rack v9 plus Vermona v4 84HP Eurorack View
KOMA case E520 rack with IO Eurorack View
SynthTech Effects Eurorack View
Frac Processing Rack MOTM Annex - Two Row Frac View

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Submitted Modules

E330 Multimode VCO 14 HP OscillatorDigital View
5X Attenuator 1 HP Attenuator View
F580 Resampling Mini-Delay 2 HP Delay View
FRB-2 2 HP Blind PanelUtility View
AM4023 1U Filter 1 HP Filter View
AM4023 2U filter 2 HP Filter View
F350X Morphing Terrarium Expander 2 HP AttenuatorExpanderSwitch View
E350X Morphing Terrarium Expander 14 HP AttenuatorSwitchExpander View
Metalbox CGS Lockhart Wave Folder 1 HP WaveshaperDistortion View

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