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Current setup (late 2018)Eurorack
DIY case (2017)Eurorack
Skiff (2018)Eurorack
New target setup (2017)Eurorack
new SkiffEurorackPrivate
Near future setupEurorack
Target setupEurorack
Moving target (alt positions)Eurorack
Moving targetEurorack
The 312 (WIP fill up try)Eurorack
Oldish setupEurorack
The Dream - The 312 (starter)EurorackPrivate
The Dream - The 312Eurorack
Cool Modules (unsorted)Eurorack
Let's build a Modular - The 168 (pairs with "The Skiff")Eurorack
The 168 (1st)EurorackPrivate
Let's build a Modular - The SkiffEurorack
Let's build a Modular (extended)EurorackPrivate
Let's build a Modular (1st)EurorackPrivate

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