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Blacet-Frac System Expansion, 2013-2014 Frac View
My MOTM Modular January 2013 Part 1 of 2 MOTM View
My MOTM Modular January 2013 Part 2 of 2 MOTM View
My Blacet-Frac System, January 2013 Frac View
Frac Fuck! Frac Private
MOTM Expansion 2013-2014 MOTM Private
MOTM Configuration and Layout, Sold By Synthtech, Via Ebay, July 2002 MOTM View
My Early MOTM, Core System MOTM View
My Frac Modular 2020 and Beyond! Frac View
Euro 2013 Eurorack Private
HCC Frac #1 Frac Private
My Blacet-Frac System, December 2013 Frac View
A Better 2014 Solution for Frac Expansion Frac Private
My submissive Eurorack Eurorack Private

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Submitted Modules

MOTM 850 Pedal Interface 1 HP ControllerSwitchUtility View
Wogglebug 2 HP Clock ModulatorCV ModulationRandomSample and Hold View
MOTM 890 µMixer 1 HP AttenuatorMixer View
Cyndustries Sawtooth Animator 1 HP EffectLFOWaveshaper View
Dark Star Chaos 2 HP NoiseOscillator View

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Evenfall Mini Modular (5), Wogglebug (5) and PSIM-1 (5)
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