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Tcherepnin playground Serge Private
euro - IN / european planning Eurorack Private
euro - UT Eurorack Private
Bug live system 2013-03, 3x11 fw Frac Private
Bug Sören Frac Private
euro Possession (kronologi, inköp) Eurorack Private
euro case 2013 Eurorack Private
Bug live system 2013-06 (+2 Serge M-panels) Frac Private
Bug live system 2013-07 Frac View
euro live 2011-10 Eurorack Private
euro - SÅLT (eller bytt bort) Eurorack Private
Bug 2013-11 imaginary timbral objects Frac Private
DIY DIY DIY DIY Eurorack Private
bug - fractional swaps? Frac Private
Bug live system 2013-12 (Modularorkestern) Frac Private
euro Incantation (for Gállok) januari Eurorack Private
euro live 2014-02 (6u, 84hp +Planar) Eurorack Private
euro live 2014-04-04 (+bananas) Eurorack Private
Bug live system 2014-04 (+ Addac803 etc) Frac Private
bug - Fraced out Frac Private
Euro reversed phase! (copy) Eurorack Private
medis5 2014-04-28 RYTM, 5/5 strängar, 26/5 KRAUT Eurorack Private
euro live 2014-06 (6u, 84hp) Eurorack Private
Bug live system 2014-05 Runolf collab Frac Private
euro live 2014-12-20 (tamtam-processor) Eurorack Private
euro live 2015-04-16 / 05-30, 6u, Holy Mountain II Eurorack Private
Buchla diy 2x4 Buchla Private
Buchla höstpatch 2014 Buchla Private
euro SPRAK live A: 2015-03 torshälla, B: 2015-12 gläns över, C: 2016-03-01 knaster, D: 2017 Bayeux Eurorack Private
Bug starter Frac Private
euro live 2015-07 Dalarna, gong-komp, 44+12hp +Bug PTdelay Eurorack Private
grundsystem Eurorack Private
euro live 2015-10-20 Radio, 44+16 hp + Frostwave Resonator (ack. morin-khuur) Eurorack Private
euro Possession (funktion) Eurorack Private
Bug 2x11 + 2x16 fw Frac Private
euro live 2016-04-23, 6u, memory transponder (och 2016-06-10) Eurorack Private
euro Time code Eurorack Private
euro live 2016-04-30, 3u, ValborgsNOISE (+ Weevil08, morin khuur, tri-metal, ms50g) Eurorack Private
Bug 1-2 båtar för utbildning Frac Private
euro FLUTE 1 Eurorack Private
euro live 2016-12-10/17 2x84hp + PT Delay: Relocating holy ground Eurorack Private
Euro ström Eurorack Private
euro live 2017-04-29/09-24 Aotearoa (7u) +fågelljud +SonicForest +redpanda Eurorack Private
Pedals on parade Pedals Private
Pedaler 2018-11-10 + morin khuur, Fylk Pedals Private
euro live 2017-10-13 piezo & tam tam, 104 hp Eurorack Private
euro SAUR (Hasse+Pelle) Eurorack Private
euro live 2017-11-26 & 16/12 + morin khuur Eurorack Private
euro live 2018-02-18, 04-21, 04-29, 7u x 84hp +looper: Resonanser Eurorack Private
Bug 2018-04 track + live 2018 Frac Private
euro live 2019-01-20, 104hp + morin kh Eurorack Private
euro live 2019-02-24 kontra+looper: Débâcler Eurorack Private
Euro skolprojekt 2019 (v2) Eurorack Private
euro test rack 7u Eurorack Private
Serge system #1 Serge Private
Bugbox, single frame - A: Buchla, B: Serge Frac Private
euro test rack 9u (copy) Eurorack Private


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Submitted Modules

2LFOSH 8 HP Dual/StereoLFOSample and Hold View
Noise Ring 2 HP Clock GeneratorNoiseOscillatorRandom View
Reverb-X HP ReverbDistortionNoise Gate View
Moody Sounds - Baby Box (early version) HP DelayDistortionSynth Voice View
Error Instruments - Nemo Delay HP Delay View
NCOM 1 HP ComparatorFrequency Divider View
Multimode Filter 10 HP FilterMixer View
POD XT HP PreAmpMultieffect View
Bastl - Dude HP PreAmpUtilityVolume View
Endless Summer (2019) HP Reverb View
Phaser 2 HP EffectPhase Shifter View
Black Spring Reverb 12 HP Reverb View
one inch blank 1 HP Blind Panel View
Dual VC Resonant Gate 2 HP FilterVCALow Pass Gate View
PAN 04 HP Utility View
3x VCA 6 HP VCAMixer View
VoiceTone Harmony-G XT HP DelayPitch Shifter ReverbVolumeDual/Stereo View
Bleep Labs Delaydelus 2 HP DelayDual/StereoLooper View
Bass V-Amp HP BassDigitalModeling/SimulationMultieffect View
Operator!? HP LooperNoise GateSwitch View
CTL1 3 HP ControllerSequencer View
CTL1 3 HP Controller View
Model 2251 Multiband Filter 3 HP FilterVCA View
BMC041 CV Spreader 6 HP CV ModulationPolarizerUtility View
Dual VC Resonant Gate 12 HP Dual/StereoLow Pass GateFilter View
Termofuzz HP Distortion View
Volca Modular HP Synth Voice View
Mindreader 8 HP Envelope FollowerExternalFilterCV ModulationFunction GeneratorPreAmpDynamics View
White Heat HP Distortion View
Joystick Axis Generator 3 HP ControllerCV Modulation View
Model 258 1 HP Dual/StereoOscillator View
EG3870 Time Event Modulator 2 HP Envelope Generator View
SumVert (silver) 6 HP MixerUtility View
Hyper Lead HL-01 HP DistortionEqualizerPreAmp View
Tri Metal TM-01 HP DistortionEqualizer View
Ultra Fuzz UF-01 HP DistortionEqualizer View
Power Drive PD-01 HP DistortionEqualizerPreAmp View
Cutting Room Floor V2 HP Delay View
Sound Destruction Device mk2 HP DynamicsDistortionFilter View
Console HP Multieffect View
Model 264 1 HP LogicSample and HoldQuad View
Model 217 5 HP ControllerExpression View
Model 280 1 HP Envelope GeneratorQuad View
Model 246 5 HP SequencerClock Generator View
Model 260 1 HP CV ModulationDual/StereoEqualizerOscillator View
Cutting Room Floor 14 HP DelayDistortionEffect View
Bad Comrade 14 HP DelayDistortionEffect View
U-080 Fix CV 4 HP UtilityController View
Ditto X2 Looper HP LooperDual/Stereo View
Echo-X HP DelayDistortion View
Liqua-Flange HP DigitalDual/StereoFlangerModeling/SimulationChorus View
ADDAC504 Probabilistic Generator 10 HP RandomClock Modulator View
Stereo Compress 5 HP DynamicsExternalEqualizer View
Meatball HP Filter View
The Unpleasant Surprise HP Distortion View
ADDAC501 Complex Random VS2 8 HP RandomCV Modulation View
CGS / Serge '73 Filter (panel #3) 2 HP FilterMixer View
ASR 1 HP Sample and HoldSequencer View
Model 249e 2 HP Dual/StereoSequencerClock GeneratorFunction Generator View
4HP Ruler Blank (black) 4 HP Blind Panel View
Kala Goañv 8 HP DistortionFilter View
Invert Mix 2 HP MixerUtilityPolarizer View
12HP Blank 1U Tiles – Plastic S 12 HP Blind Panel View
Rupture RP-2 HP LooperSwitch View
MUTE 4 3 HP MixerUtilityQuadSwitch View
Sound Destruction Device v3 HP PreAmpDynamicsDistortionFilter View
Bit Mixer HP Utility View
Four Eyes HP DistortionFilter View
Fault Overdrive Distortion HP PreAmpDistortion View
Haunt Fuzz HP Distortion View
Northwest Lightning HP Distortion View
Utility Parametric EQ HP EqualizerFilter View
Bad Comrade mk1 (small enclosure) HP DelayDistortionFlanger View
Tap Tremolo HP DigitalDual/StereoTremolo View
Bad Comrade mk3 (standard version) HP DelayDistortionFlanger View
Viktrolux HP ChorusDelayDistortion View
Smashup ModFX Compressor HP DynamicsDual/Stereo View
Little Big Muff Pi HP Distortion View
Lo-Fi Loop Junky HP DynamicsLooper View
C/M 1 HP AttenuatorUtility View
DTG 2 HP Clock GeneratorEnvelope GeneratorFunction GeneratorDual/Stereo View
SSG / DTG / Noise 4 HP FilterFunction GeneratorLFONoiseOscillatorRandomSample and HoldSlew Limiter View
Roto-Machine HP Dual/StereoPhase ShifterModeling/SimulationDigitalRotary View
Space Chorus HP ChorusDigitalDual/StereoModeling/Simulation View
Verbzilla HP DelayDual/StereoReverbDigitalModeling/Simulation View
432K Distortion Box HP DistortionFilter View
Resonator HP Filter View
CrossOver Filter HP Dual/StereoFilterPreAmp View
PT Delay Standard 2016 HP DelayEqualizerPreAmp View
ADDAC805 VC Xfade / Panner 4 HP MixerPanningVCA View
U-070 Gate/Tap 4 HP Clock GeneratorController View
A-410 Pan/Mix 4 HP MixerPanningVCA View
1050 Mixer Sequencer 16 HP MixerSequencerSwitch View
ADDAC212 EG Att. Pack 6 HP AttenuatorUtility View
Organ Filter 8 HP Filter View
Model 10 Dual DASD Envelope Generator 20 HP DigitalDual/StereoEnvelope Generator View
Bi-directional Router 2 HP Switch View
UTLX 1 HP External View
Quadrature Low Frequency Oscillator 16 HP LFO View
BMC34 Switched Resistor VCF 10 HP Filter View
PT Delay Standard 2015 3 HP DelayEffectEqualizerExternal View
DD1 1 HP Low Pass GateRing Modulator View
ENV1 1 HP Envelope GeneratorOscillator View
SYN1 2 HP LFOOscillator View
UTL2B 1 HP Mixer View
CTL2 2 HP Controller View
DD2 1 HP LFOMixer View
ENV1 1 HP Envelope GeneratorOscillator View
PRC1 1 HP DelayEffect View
SYN2A 1 HP LFOOscillator View
UTL1 1 HP External View