Quad Envelope 60B

The Quad Envelope 60B represents another milestone in the world of modular synthesis, bringing together traditional modular UI with the extended feature set of an imbedded microcontroller based design. The easy availability of high clock rate uCs has allowed us to design an envelope that is both snappy and more versatile than any standard hardware envelope generator currently available.
The use of 12bit DACs provide super smooth output with no audible stepping. This design uses a "paging" interface with four individual contour generators programmed by a common set of 7 panel control knobs and 3 switches. A panel with 28 knobs would be required to access all the stages if done the traditional way.
The EDIT SEL momentary switch selects one of four channels to edit indicated by the panel LEDs. The knobs become "live" for that channel with the final edit settings stored to non-volatile internal EEprom memory. All settings are automatically restored on power up.
Each channel has three modes of operation: Envelope, Gated Loop Envelope and LFO mode. Modes can be selected on any of the four channels independently of the other. The possibilities for inter module patching using a combination of these modes makes this module extremely flexible. It would require three or more modules to match the functions of just one channel. Some functions would be difficult to replicate with any number of modules.


  • 100 mA +15V
  • 10 mA -15V
  • 0 mA 5V

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