A companion module to the MOTM-410 Triple Resonant Filter

The OMS-410 is a companion module to the MOTM-410 triple resonant filter module. It adds powerful new features to the superb Synthtech module. No component changes are needed to the MOTM module, and the two modules are connected together by one, two or three removable connectors hidden behind the front panels. The OMS-410 allows you to add five new features to your MOTM-410
1. You now have three individual CV inputs to control each Vactrol element of the MOTM-410. Each input is sent through a reversible attenuator, with a control knob on the front panel. This allows incredible tonal sweeps and modulations to be created. Its like having three
separate voltage controlled filters in one module.
2. The MOTM-410's two internal VC-LFOs can now be accessed from the front panel. The OMS module shapes the internal LFO's outputs to give smooth sine waves. Two separate VCAs allow these LFO waveforms to be level controlled individually or together. You can now use the MOTM-410 as a twin VC-LFO, whilst still using the MOTM-410 as filter module.
3. The three audio outputs of the MOTM-410 are combined to produce an outstanding stereo output. These outputs are especially designed to drive long cables and can be tailored to produced ordinary line levels for direct connection a to a mixer.
4. A pad switch can be added to select audio line signal or modular signal levels to be used with the MOTM-410.
5. An inverting amplifier is included on the board to allow for additional signal processing. This could be used to invert LFO2's output as on the MOTM-410

  • ? mA +15V
  • ? mA -15V
  • ? mA 5V

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