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My Modcan 5U (copied from solitud) wiggler29787

The Rack contains 14 Modules.

  • My strange MOTM shares 6 modules

    My strange MOTM
  • My lame MOTM shares 5 modules

    My lame MOTM
  • My modcan shares 4 modules

    My modcan
  • Mono Madness shares 6 modules

    Mono Madness
  • My dream motm shares 5 modules

    My dream motm
  • My ugly MOTM shares 4 modules

    My ugly MOTM
  • modcan shares 5 modules

  • Modcan Row shares 4 modules

    Modcan Row
  • My legal Eurorack shares 4 modules

    My legal Eurorack
  • My Modcan B shares 5 modules

    My Modcan B
  • Modcan Baby shares 4 modules

    Modcan Baby
  • 4 voice poly Modcan shares 4 modules

    4 voice poly Modcan