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trying to copy deadmau5's mod can ---last row zachmacc1

The Rack contains 319 Modules.

  • My sombre MOTM shares 107 modules

    My sombre MOTM
  • Capacitor shares 59 modules

  • My green Eurorack shares 47 modules

    My green Eurorack
  • deadmau5 modcan missing bottom row shares 105 modules

    deadmau5 modcan missing bottom row
  • MOTM shares 55 modules

  • MOTM shares 44 modules

  • GalaxiesMerge Modcan-B Monster Rack shares 97 modules

    GalaxiesMerge Modcan-B Monster Rack
  • My Modcan shares 50 modules

    My Modcan
  • My current setup shares 43 modules

    My current setup
  • MOD ME shares 61 modules

    MOD ME
  • Now / Moog width / Portable shares 47 modules

    Now / Moog width / Portable
  • My lame MOTM shares 43 modules

    My lame MOTM