MOTM 520 Cloud Generator

Digital VCO bank

The MOTM-520 is an entirely new concept in VCO design.

First, the module is NOT any sort of 'granular synthesis' device. This confusion is due to our use of the term 'Cloud'. But we really couldn't think of a more descriptive term, so that is what we call it.

The MOTM-520 contains 16 independent digital oscillators, each with Sine and Pulse outputs. The Sine outputs are very low distortion, less than 0.1%. The Square/Pulse waves can be PWM'd by an external control voltage or even audio. The sum of all 16 oscillators is routed to the SINE OUT and the SQR OUT jacks.

What makes the MOTM-520 generate what we call a 'Cloud' is by spreading apart the frequencies of 15 of the 16 oscillators (1 is the 'reference' pitch). This detuning can be manually adjusted using the SPREAD control, or with an external source (such as a LFO or EG). The WIDE/NARROW switch sets the overall frequency spread (NARROW = 1 semitone, WIDE = 1 octave). The module behaves just like any other 1V/Oct VCO, with standard COARSE, FINE and FM controls and inputs. The difference is that in a 2U space, you have 8 oscillators with no drift or calibration issues. Using SPREAD and SPREAD MODULATION, you can still get huge monophonic leads and interesting wooden percussive sounds. Want to sound like a drifty Minimoog? Just use the SLOW output of a MOTM-101 into the SPREAD MOD input. Each oscillator will spread up or down in different sensitivities, and in different directions. All of this creates the most massive bass and lead lines, all in a single VCO module.

But we were not content to stop there. You can ALSO independently modulate the relative phase of each oscillator to the reference. This is the PHASE MOD input. Using a slow sine LFO (like the MOTM-390), you can get wonderful phasing effects independent of the spread detuning.

And then we went overboard and added one more 'modulation': CHAOS. What does CHAOS do? Well, it is set by either the panel control or by a control voltage. As CHAOS is increased, the frequency SPREAD starts...errrr...acting 'funny'. There are 4 different algorithms used, and each one is wilder and wilder. I'm not sure how musically useful CHAOS is, but it's there for your enjoyment.

The MOTM-520 uses SMT technology, a 40Mhz ARM processor, a FPGA, stereo 48Khz, 18-bit audio DAC, and 16 digital oscillators to provide the most unique VCO on the market today. NOTE: This module requires a MOTM-950 or other source of +5V, 200ma power in order to operate.

  • ? mA +15V
  • ? mA -15V
  • 200 mA 5V

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$500 Price in €
2 HP Oscillator
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