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Thewrongrack Eurorack
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Collection 117 modules

WAVEFORMS, A-110-6, WL Oscillator, Osc, A-143-4, A-145-4, 3LFO, A-143-3, Dreamboat, CV TRINITY, CV Trinity Expander, Noise Square, Pico VCO2, A-132-4, DPLPG (Blue), Quattro Figaro, Pico VCA, VCA-2180, Little Nerd, Rotating Clock Divider V2, SCM - Shuffling Clock Multiplier V2, Pico Logic, Pico ALOGIC, 2Multi, Multiple, ROW POWER 30, ALM007 - Boss Bow Tie, A-150-8, A-151, 3:1, Z8000, Pico SEQ, Seq, Sequence 8, Grids, A-106-1, A-124 SE, MODEL 41, Z2040 LP-VCF, Filt, A-102, A-101-6, Mini FM Joystick (black), MST Noise / Sample & Hold / Track & Hold, A-185-1, Pico DRUMS, VC Slew Limiter , A-142-4, Black VC EG, Black VC EG Expander, ADSR, Skis, Env, Pico EG, Spring Reverb, DLY, DPLR, WL Reflector, Delay, Shelves (2015), A-189-1, A-196, Richter MEGA-WAVE, μMod II, Pico BBD, MISO, Attenumixer, MIX, SubMix, MST Dual 2164 VCA, Fuzzbucket, VC Divider, Quad VCA / Mixer, BMC022 Auto-Seq, Hyperchaos Deluxe, 8bit Cipher, RCD Breakout v1.1, Entropy2, Entropy Expander, Selective Sample & Hold, AI008 Eurorack Matrix Mixer, Fold, Multi-band Distortion, Timo Rozendal Logic, Ian Fritz 2x AD/AR, Dual VCO, T.H. SVF, MinEq, Dual Quantizer, Lines 线, Squid Axon, Diode Chaos, VnIcursal VCA, Dual VCA, Skew Fade LFO, Time Wizard, VC ADSR, Cinnamon, Bishop's Miscellany, Eurorack Noise Swash, GENiE, CVP, Random Sequencer, DIY Envelope Generator, DIY Polivoks VCO II, Miss 10 VCO, Miss 10 VCF/VCA, Double Dual Function Generator, Quadrangle white version, Event, Neo Mixer, Ian Fritz Jerkster, LPG, Żłob Modular Push VCA, Instrument Interface, Joystick and Żłob Modular MiniAtt
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