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Submitted Modules

Dual X-Fade 16AModcan A
ZW-38 Zakk Wylde Black LabelPedals
Prime DividerModcan A
Custom Shop Phase 90Pedals
Ditto X4 LooperPedals
Triple Resonant VCFModcan A
Fixed Filter 41AModcan A
EVH Phase 90Pedals
M68 Uni-Vibe Chorus/VibratoPedals
M290 Mini Phase 95Pedals
VP1 Vintage PhaserPedals
Big Muff π "Green Russian"Pedals
Helix PhaserPedals
The DreamscapePedals
Thunderstorm FlangerPedals
Neo ClonePedals
Afterglow ChorusPedals
Mercury FlangerPedals
Gemini ChorusPedals
CH-1 Super ChorusPedals
Small ClonePedals
Spark ChorusPedals
Mod FactoryPedals
Corona ChorusPedals
Space CommanderPedals
PH-3 Phase ShifterPedals
Corona Mini ChorusPedals
Micro-Tron IIIPedals
Vintage PhasePedals
MF FlangePedals
VCA Panner 21AModcan A
48db LPF 67AModcan A
Interface 25AModcan A
Vocoder 71AModcan A
Quad Envelope 60AModcan A
Phase Timbre Mod 06AModcan A
VC Flanger 38AModcan A
Multimode 10AModcan A
Quad LFO 61AModcan A
Spring Reverb 35AModcan A
Mix Lag 18AModcan A
Noise SH Ring 07AModcan A
XY Controller 32AModcan A
Scanner 69AModcan A
Pulse Divider 20AModcan A
VC Dual ADSR 47AModcan A
Quantizer 55AModcan A
MIDICV 63AModcan A
Matrix Filter 68AModcan A
Oscillator 01AModcan A
VCDO 58AModcan A
Mini Wave 22AModcan A
Bad StonePedals
Stereo PolychorusPedals
Instant Lo-Fi Junky VexterPedals
Tube Screamer TS808Pedals
Frequency Shifter 39AModcan A
904a Lowpass 44AModcan A
Dual Multimode 40AModcan A
4075 Low Pass 36AModcan A
4VCA 31AModcan A
Sequencer 17AModcan A
Dual LFO 05AModcan A
Quad LFO 03AModcan A
Dual Mix 27AModcan A
Dual VDO 62AModcan A
Echo Shifter ES2Pedals
Tube Screamer TS808DXPedals
Mini Deja Vibe CS-MDV-1Pedals
Airplane Flanger AF2Pedals
Tube Screamer TS9BPedals
Tube Screamer TS9DXPedals
Tube Screamer TS9Pedals
Deluxe Electric MistressPedals
Dreamstar ChorusPedals
EVH-117 FlangerPedals
M134 Stereo ChorusPedals
Catalina Stereo ChorusPedals
Bubble TronPedals
30ms Double TrackerPedals
Dyno My RotoPedals
Retro VibePedals
Custom Line CH-5 ChorusPedals
ADC-4 Anadime ChorusPedals
1974 Vintage Phase 90Pedals
M152 Micro FlangerPedals
Classic ChorusPedals
Electro Harmonix Stereo Electric MistressPedals
Classic FlangerPedals
Dual Oscillator 46AModcan A
Triple VCO 70AModcan A
Env Follower 45AModcan A
Envelope Gen 04AModcan A
Dual FS 65AModcan A
Diode Filter 23AModcan A
Digital Delay 59AModcan A
Control 66AModcan A
Clock 53AModcan A
CV Recorder 57AModcan A
CEM Low Pass 29AModcan A
Boolean 24AModcan A
4 Pole Lowpass 14AModcan A
4 Pole High Pass 15AModcan A
Dual ADSRModcan A
Rhythmic DividerModcan A
Buchla Low Pass GatesModcan A
Burst GeneratorModcan A
Anything ModuleModcan A
Dual Sawtooth AnimatorModcan A
Synthacon FilterModcan A
Staircase ComparatorModcan A
Quad Band PassModcan A
Medium Power SupplyModcan A
Analog SwitchModcan A
Six-Input MixerModcan A
Gated ComparatorModcan A
Four TransientsModcan A
BiPedal InterfaceModcan A
Dark Star ChaosModcan A
Twin Wasp FilterModcan A
Gate SequencerModcan A
LogiPacModcan A
Major Power SupplyModcan A
ProgrammerModcan A
StereOspaceModcan A
ZeroscillatorModcan A
Morph Peak Trough 12AModcan A
Performance Seq 43AModcan A
Quadraphonic 33AModcan A
Super Delay 30AModcan A
VC Reset LFO 26AModcan A
Vector Fade 34AModcan A

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