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Submitted Modules

VCO 2 HP Oscillator View
S/H Noise 1 HP NoiseSample and HoldSlew Limiter View
CGS85 - Serge Triple Waveshaper 2 HP Waveshaper View
Dual Gated Slew 1 HP Slew Limiter View
Roland 100M 121 VCF 2 HP Filter View
Fonik Attenuverter 1 HP Attenuator View
Appendage 4 HP Controller View
Logical 1 HP Logic View
ADSR 1 HP Envelope Generator View
Clock Divider 1 HP Clock Modulator View
PSU 3 HP Power View
Dual Comparator / Analog Neuron 1 HP ComparatorDual/StereoWaveshaper View