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Submitted Modules

Model 277 1 HP DelayMixerEffect View
73-75 Voice 17 HP Envelope GeneratorFilterOscillatorRing ModulatorVCAWaveshaperExternalLFO View
73-75 Control 17 HP ComparatorLFOMixerNoiseOscillatorRandomSample and HoldSlew Limiter View
73-75 Preset 17 HP SequencerSwitch View
116 3 HP ControllerExpression View
Valvop 1 HP Dynamics View
Phantom Operator HP Filter View
PRE-Q5 1 HP EqualizerPreAmp View
73-75 Homebuilt #2 17 HP Envelope GeneratorFunction GeneratorLFOSlew Limiter View
73-75 Homebuilt #1 17 HP ComparatorMixerOscillatorReverbRing ModulatorVCAWaveshaperLogic View
Serge VCFS + VCFQ 4 HP FilterDual/StereoOscillator View
CP15 8 HP AttenuatorFilterMixerMultiplePolarizer View
Super Sawtor 6 HP Waveshaper View
Sturm und Drang 17 HP View
1230 VC Envelope Generator 1 HP Envelope GeneratorLFO View
Classic VCA 1 HP VCA View
Jürgen Haible Triple Chorus 2 HP Effect View
Control 66B 1 HP ControllerLFOUtility View
Toneworks G4 HP DistortionRotary View
Mu-Tron III+ HP Filter View
Brat HP Distortion View
EQ573 1 HP EqualizerFilter View
Multiplicity VI Phat (3HP) 3 HP Multiple View
C 921A 1 HP Oscillator View
C 921B 1 HP Oscillator View
Dual ExADSR 4 HP Envelope GeneratorDual/Stereo View
C3PO 1 HP Mixer View
Barton Dual Nice Quantiser 1 HP Quantizer View
Stroh Pico VCO 1 HP Oscillator View
Adapt 2 HP Utility View
Resonant EQ 2 HP EqualizerFilter View
Triple Waveshaper 2 HP Waveshaper View
CGS / Serge '73 Filter 2 HP FilterMixer View
Croglin 1 HP Filter View
281h & 292h 1 HP Envelope GeneratorLow Pass GateVCAFilterFunction Generator View
Digital Attenuators 1 HP VCA View
G777 (mock-up panel) 2 HP Sequencer View
1510 Octal Linear VCA 1 HP VCA View
C 939 1 HP Mixer View
C 923 1 HP NoiseFilter View
C 995 1 HP Attenuator View
C 921 2 HP Oscillator View
C 911 1 HP Envelope Generator View
C 907A 3 HP Filter View
C 904A 2 HP Filter View
C 902 1 HP VCA View
acVOKS Mixer 1 HP Mixer View
KOBOL 8 HP Synth Voice View
FE-Q5 1 HP EqualizerFilter View
U76A 1 HP Dynamics View
Ian Fritz Panel #2 - Chaos Theory 17 HP Envelope GeneratorMixerOscillatorRandomCV ModulationSample and HoldVCA View
Ian Fritz Panel #1 - The Timbre Tantrum 17 HP FilterMixerOscillatorWaveshaperEnvelope GeneratorVCA View
Extended ADSR 2 HP Envelope Generator View
Vertical case divider 6 HP Blind Panel View
Classic VCA 1 HP VCA View
OSC HRM / Dual Env / Twin Peak Filter 6 HP Envelope GeneratorFilterOscillatorSample and HoldVCA View
Steiner Synthasystem VCA/Mixer 14 HP MixerVCA View
Steiner Synthasystem Filter 14 HP Filter View
Steiner Synthasystem Quad VCO 24 HP Oscillator View
Vertical case divider 1 HP Blind Panel View
Case divider 1 HP Blind Panel View
Jerk/Stroh 258J 1 HP Oscillator View
Manhattan Analog CP3 1 HP DistortionMixer View
258J Dual Oscillator 3 HP Oscillator View
Jürgen Haible Triple Chorus 2 HP Effect View
Barton Dual Quantiser 1 HP Quantizer View
OSC HRM / Dual Env / 24dB Filter 6 HP OscillatorEnvelope GeneratorFilterSample and HoldSynth VoiceVCA View
Triple LF-VCO / Dual Env / VCA Shaper / Phaser 6 HP EffectEnvelope GeneratorLFOOscillatorPhase ShifterUtilityVCA View
Steiner Micron 3 HP Envelope GeneratorFilterLFOOscillatorVCA View
555 VCO 2 HP OscillatorLFO View
Dual Processor 2 HP MixerUtility View
Old Crow VCO153 1 HP Oscillator View
Monorocket case divider 1 HP Blind Panel View
Horizontal case divider 8 HP Blind Panel View
RCD/SCM 2 HP Clock Modulator View
Attenuator/Mults 1 HP AttenuatorMultiple View
X-series Audio Mixer 21 HP MixerNoise View

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