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Fixed Filter Bank (2U version)

Yusynth's Fixed Filter Bank 2U panel

Although this module is often missing in many modular set-ups, I think a fixed filters bank (FFB) is a really useful module and personally I could not imagine a decent set-up without one. The reference FFB is the 914 module from Moog .

The FFB makes it possible to greatly enrich the sonic palette of a modular system. It is also a key element for the recreation of "natural" and environmental sounds, or of conventional music instruments. Although it evokes the principle of a mere graphic equalizer, it has marked differences. Mainly, the filter Q is higher and the BP slopes are steeper than in a graphic EQ. Furthermore when a control is set to zero, the corresponding spectral band is completely muted.
Complex/entangled rhythms can be created on the fly by multi-band filtering a simple sequence.


submitted Aug 2nd 2015, 15:19 by analog01
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