Vox-voiced overdrive

Just like the amp it's based on, the Catalinbread CB30's treble and bass tone controls offer tremendous sound-shaping potential. Dialed back, you'll enjoy a vibrant-yet-balanced sound with plenty of low-end richness and jangly highs. As you increase the treble or bass controls, the more scooped the mids become, for that full-bore '60s rock sound. There's a world of tone to explore here, all with that signature jangle and chime.

Amp-like analog overdrive pedal based on a classic Vox amp
Imbues your tone with the sparkling, jangly tonality the original amp is known for
Treble and Bass controls scoop mids as they're increased
True bypass switching leaves your guitar tone unaltered when the pedal is disengaged
Requires 9-18V DC power supply (sold separately)


  • 62 mm wide
  • 114 mm high
5 mA / 9 V DC / Negative Center

This Pedal is currently available.

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