340 mm wide
176 mm high
Current Draw
3000 mA / 6 V DC / Positive Center

This Pedal is discontinued.



Synthesizers are available in many different types and forms. Nevertheless, for most part they follow the norm how a synthesizer of its era is expected to be. Development for musical tools generally comes in the form of new synthesis techniques or an increase in polyphony, memory or other quantitative elements. The advances in the music machine world have brought numerous good inventions for musicians. However, we believe usability is easily lost in the hunt for the highest specifications.

With the Monomachine we have tried creating a synthesizer free from prejudice, and focus on what actually spurs creativity without letting technology stand in your way. We want to inspire you to make sounds and music you haven’t even thought of. We have put all our efforts into exploring, to the fullest extent, the concept we believe is one of the most creative in the history of synthesizers - the monophonic synthesizer with a tightly integrated sequencer. The Monomachine offers ground breaking sound synthesis machines, divided into five Monosynths, together with dedicated track effects. The sound synthesis tracks are controlled with the world’s most advanced pattern based sequencer, inspired by the concept found in grid programmed drum machines.


submitted Oct 3rd 2022, 06:58 by renierra