Hmmm...where'd this go? Doesn't seem to be there in recent times, and I certainly found it useful as a checklist as well as a way to 'ponder offline' when Internet access wasn't necessarily workable. The spec sheet rundown is still there, but not this other list.

I am trying to "streamline" the site from time to time and clean up functions which might have become redundant.

I thought nobody uses the shopping list, because of the spec sheet, which displays quite the same info, except the highly unreliable money column.

The shopping list is still there, but hidden:

Open one of your racks and change the URL in the browser adressbar from[your Rack Id]
to[your Rack Id]

Ah, excellent...yeah, I'm a dinosaur, I admit it. I actually DO print hardcopy of various things from time to time, and when doing so I'd noticed that while the spec list prints horizontally (unless you like reading 7pt type) the shopping list is more compact, so docs printed as that format wind up being several pages shorter and easier to manage. The spec sheet always seemed to me to be more like a 'final build spec' instead of something to scribble up while making decisions when not online.

Also, the pricing info isn't that off. For a lot of the 'majors', it seems pretty reliable and for much of the rest, it does a credible job at 'ballpark' figures so that you can work on something of a close approximation of costs from it. Just need to keep poking at reminding users to keep module info updated when they've found new relevant data. That open-sourcing is, after all, what makes MG such an amazing, authoritative asset (and it IS!).