Hey, gang...this is for those of you submitting module data on items that come in both kit and prebuilt versions. If you could, please put the worst-case price on module listings. This will almost always be the prebuild price, not the kit, and the reason I'm making a note here about it is that I just got done reworking the Elby stuff, and a lot of the prices there were on kit versions, and I (like quite a few around here, I'll guess) tend to plan things as prebuilt. So when the rack of Euroserge stuff I had shot from $15k up to $24k...well, that's quite an inflation rate!

I think most people, when they get the bill on things, would like to see it was lower than they'd thought as opposed to "what do you mean I owe you another 9 grand!?". So, yeah...while I know there's a big DIY presence on here, I think everyone will agree that you're going to want the NICE surprise as opposed to the HOLY CRAP!! surprise. So, yeah...let's see the prebuilt pricing when there's a difference, please? Vielen dank!

Fair request. I always go with the pricier option just to make sure, but that's just the way I think. Let's see what other people think.

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If a price is wrong and added by a normal user of this site it can be changed, so that's a good thing. But what should be done when the makers are adding modules with incorrect quotes? Example: Erica Synths post all of their modules excluding "21% VAT".

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I'd actually think the 'minus VAT' price makes more sense, since it's a tax issue and not a 'list price' issue. In Erica's case, if they were shipping direct to a EU client, that client would have to factor their VAT on an overall basis against all their EU-purchased devices, but not something from the US or Canada unless it was purchased thru an EU retailer. Likewise, if someone walks into a shop in the USA to make a purchase, local taxes will apply, so an Erica module here would have a lower initial price, but the addition of sales tax (state and local, as a rule) changes that price differently. And, of course, you have the whole issue of import duty, etc etc. Gets messy and confusional...so going with a manufacturer's 'base price' seems right to me, with the onus being on the customer in question to factor their taxation situation as per where they are and how things get purchased.

So if a manufacturer posts a 'with VAT' price, actually those who don't have to deal with VAT come out ahead. Again, it's a 'worst-case' price in which the 'surprise' is the lower cash outlay, instead of the 'best-case' price that isn't realistic for the majority of users who wind up with sticker-shock on ordering.