This 1U module appears to be improperly cropped.

Actually, it seems to be MG doing that. I uploaded a properly-cropped image of it and then listed it at the supposed 32 hp width, and it did that in the same way as the image I replaced. I get a feeling that SE might not have the right width in the specs on their site, because if it were 32 hp, it should look just like the crop I did.

I emailed them about it a couple of months back, no response. From images on their website where it's next to other modules, it definitely appears to be more like 42hp than 32hp.

OK...I did a little detective work as well. They have a link to what I presume is a NAMM demo (?) image with the Toolbar mounted in the entire 1U row in a Synthrotek Power Lunch case. I was able to sort that out with some closer examination of the case fitments, plus the case's orange color in their pic is a bit of a giveaway. It's definitely 42 hp. The Tonestar 8106 below it is definitely 32 hp, which gives the lie to the spec on SE's website.

...and sure enough, after setting the width to 42 hp, the module now crops out perfectly. Just goes to show, not even the manufacturers themselves are always 100% right!