@Drazen is a good trader.
I bought his Alright Devices Chronoblob and it was a smooth transaction

My first transaction with @Inflexus was perfect!


I am on my way to building my first 104hp skiff. The modules I have purchased and have mounted are as follows.
MI Elements, MI Ears, Pitts Mod Midi to CV converter, Pitts Mod binary filter, Pico DSP, and the Rosie. Obviously new to all of this and wondering if there are suggestions based on space left used by MI clouds and Erica Synths Eg/lfo. Love clouds but having a time finding a used unit. The MI Veils is my most likely next purchase. Does all seem logical? I am building this set up to accompany an Elektron trinity I have had the last year or so.

I have an O-coast and M32 as well that sit below the skiff.


I want to sell my Modularsystem. It´s full working and come in 4 Cases:6TE, 8TE, 2*10TE. The Units Location is in Germany.
If possible for both sides, going international should be no problem. 4200 Euro

For Single module request feel free for asking.

Hi!love this setup!
Would like to see and hear it action :)

Purchased a Roland Scooper from @sceledra - super fast shipment, the Roland was in great shape as described with all the original packaging. Works great - thanks!

* 4ms Listen 4 1/4 (x2)

Thing is, selling off the bottom 3U and replacing it with an Empress Reverb and Norns might be even better.
Send/return might be tricky but I could swap the Veils in for Blinds if needed for the extra gain.
That ER-301 though...

* Atlantis
* Metropolis
* Rubicon
* Frames
* O&C
* Flux V2
* O/A/x2
* Tides
* Peaks
* Earthsea
* White Whale
* Meadowphysics

In a support case:
* ER-301
* Voltage Block
* Telharmonic
* Samara
* Batumi
* Erbe Verb

In a Drawer: (+ 4 8 10 12 14) ;; 48hp
* Links
* Optomix
* Loquelic Iteritas
* Veils
* Belgrad
* Chimera?
* Akemie's Castle?

So what's the minimum setup that I need to use just Clouds?
-- soundmodel

Have you tried the free "virtual" version of Clouds in VCV rack (a free Eurorack simulator)?

The "Audible Instruments -> Texture Synth" module is an implementation of Clouds (legit, since a lot of the MI stuff is open-source).

You can then use the "VCV Bridge" virtual effect VST/AU plug-in to route the output of your DAW through your virtual Eurorack. Or, if your sound source doesn't support AU/VST use a virtual audio device like Soundflower or Loopback (on Mac - I'm sure there are PC & Linux equivalents) to route your audio via your virtual rack.

NB: remember, the first hit is always free... you'll soon succumb to that creeping feeling that using virtual modular gear doesn't quite hit the spot and craving real knobs and patch cables...

Very simple patch. Xaoc Batumi as an oscillator fed random, quantized voltages and going through Three Sisters that has all the parameters modulated by Batumi and then some reverb. Turned out nice, I felt, on my back on the living room floor. So I recorded it.

Thank you @PinPinKula for the μClouds. Very nice communication, fast shipping, and the module is in great shape. Very happy to be turning my sounds into crazy clouds. Thanks too for the patience while I figured out the PayPal stuff. Would definitely buy from/trade with again!

Thanks for the replies.

I think you might be right that I've accidentally messed up the calibration.
I've tried to re-calibrate it following the instructions but it's not working.
I've emailed Erica Synths and will see if they can fix the issue.


Hooked! They re never enough

I feel like custom blank panel functionality shud be extended somehow, or maybe tick the "don't show in search" box by default. when i see softcore furry porn women uploaded to the front page of search as a synth decoration it just looks misogynistic to me. especially unnecessary since it seems to b one random persons blank panel.

Someone needs a full modular I think...
-- norde

Modular synths are designed to work exactly like the drug pusher in a dark alley that says "Hey kid, first one is free" and then once you are hooked, it's near impossible to break the habit. While the first module usually isn't free, thinking you can get "just one module" is the same trap since the more you think about it the more you will realize you'll "just need one or two more modules" and "oh, a slightly bigger case" and "oh, I've got empty space now, I'll get a couple mores to fill it in" and "OH, I HAVE to have that new amazing module that was just released but I'm out of room so I'd better get another case too and . . "

Someone needs a full modular I think...

yes clouds should have enough gain to deal with line level - not tried it to be honest but if that's what the spec says then that's what the module does (it's mutable instruments!!!)

the big question though is not what audio are you going to feed into it, but what are you going to modulate it with???

clouds loves modulation - and attenuated modulation at that!!!

@ideo, great buyer, very good communication, thanks!

I'm looking for a long, slow glide effect in a 1u tile, something to create a slow guitar bend sound that can then be treated with big ambient reverb and delay. Am I right to assume that I can accomplish this with something like a pulp logic slew tile?

No worries, always good to get feedback :)

There was a post on the forum awhile ago about noise on attack which ended up with a BoM updated... C3 was changed to 10nF.


Is that the same issue or something different? Maybe having such a wide range isn't such a good idea.

Also AndyC has written an alt firmware... https://forum.gmsn.co.uk/t/v-1-01-on-github/600

Recently had a nightmare situation hooking up my non-modular gear to a club PA mixer that produced poor volume controls. Want a good mixer that can be used for both modular and non modular gear.

Yeah, I can see that working well...anything with a lot of hard, fast transients tends to benefit from compression. If you're looping the DFAM with that Morphagene or something similar, the CMP-1 could well wind up being invaluable.

Added the Mordax Data so I could see whats going on, and it also adds a couple much needed simple wave forms such as basic sine, square and saw waves. which i didn't have. Its full now and i'm satisfied with the outcome. i have tons of options to work with. Also decided to keep the cmp1 as it works well with samples from the Morphogene.

Is it possible that you hit the Program button mistakenly and then accidentally miscalibrated the module? I'd try running the calibration: http://erica-media.s3-website.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/BlackMIDI-CVManual200x166E_Preview.pdf

(NB: MG's forum doesn't like the underscores in the above URL...try going to the page for the module itself: http://www.ericasynths.lv/shop/eurorack-modules/by-series/black-series/black-midi-cv-v2/)

For percussive envelopes: exponential envelope response into an exponential VCA. Have you tried changing the EG's mode switch?

Both are clearly labelled as clock inputs, and Dieter's really clear about that on the Doepfer website. Also, noise doesn't have pitch, per se; you use filters to skew the frequency range of the incoming noise signal to get weightings that are 'pitch-like', or in the case of digital noise, you use a clock signal to alter the rate of state-change...which also doesn't exactly equal pitch.

It sounds to me like you needed to do a lot more research before doing an actual physical build. I'm not sure, from the several comments you've made, that you 'get' how this equipment functions either as individual modules or grouped in a build. And it also doesn't exactly seem like you 'get' what MG's for; you use this site to preplan builds and work out issues related to them with the information provided on here, from which you should be learning that first bit above.

Oh thanks for the quick reply Rob. It's kind of hard to put into words. I'm familiar with the envs on my sh101, teisco 60f and fenix 2 modular. I'm happy with those envs. When the D and R are set to about 5 I know what to expect. When D and R are set to shorter intervals I hear a short percussive sort of sound. On the GMSN the rules seem to be different. Like I turn the knobs to where I want it but that sweet spot isn't there. I can get a few nice sounds out of it, but it doesn't seem to be so snappy as the envs I'm used to. I bought a new doepfer hihat 808 cymbal generator so I was hoping to get some hi hats out of the synth, but the envs just weren't responding like I hoped they would. Couldn't get percussive enough without sounding a bit weird. Perhaps that's the design though. Sorry for being a twat. I really appreciate the fact that you are taking the time to respond to users. GMSN is a bargain high quality synth. That quantiser is on my wish list, looks epic :-)

Hey David.

Sorry to hear you think it's the pits.

What do you mean by narrow range? Each knob can be set from damn fast to about 10 mins.

I would rather you let me know if any issues directly through the forum rather than telling people to avoid the module :)

More than happy to talk through any improvements you think might be worthwhile.

Kind regards


It's pretty cool except for the ADSR. The Sequencer reminds of Knight Rider, Kitt the car.

I thought the clock input was a CV control. I was wrong. Shame there's no CV control of noise pitch!

This sequencer rocks. If only there were a 16 step option. It can go forward, forward and back, or random. It takes up 24HP though. But it's worth the space in your rack if you need a cheap sequencer that works well. It reminds me of Knight Rider, Kitt the car.

Very good.

On paper looks great with loads of features. But in use the range is narrow and hard to get good sounds with. It's the pits really to be honest with you. I'm in love with the other GMSN modules and the open source ethos. I give this one 1/5. Please avoid this module!

Works well.

Very nice sound. The two audio inputs are a bonus.

Needs a voltage control input for the LFO speed. Can't dubstep without that.

thanks @humanstrobe, very good transactions

I 'm sorry, I m definitely new to modular but from the page of MI of clouds

"Stereo pre-amp with a gain range covering modular and line levels."

And then on the specification

Input impedances: 100k.
Audio input gain range: line level to modular level."

Doesn't it means that I can run ex. my drum machine outs to clouds ins and then from clouds' outs directly to the mixer?

I excuse in advance for the ignorance

Have you checked your midi-keyboard? Some keyboards may have advanced settings for such things.
Otherwise one external cause for such thing could be wrong (AC?) current coming in to the vco, what are things between midi to oscillator?

Looking for a Falafular Snare8 to complete my set of Falafular drum modules.
Could be fully-built module, or bare PCBs.
Will pay reasonable price + postage.

London UK

Hi ..
it seems the reseller choice on the side of a module is automatic. How can a manufacturer specify exactly those links?


[sorry about the multiple threads.. the search function was still active and I couldn't see my thread]

Hi everyone, Paul here! Looking to jump into the modular world since I have a deep love for sounds. I've been playing experimental music solo and in bands for about 10 years now and looking for advice. I'm going to post a thread in the Racks forum and go into more detail about what I'm thinking about, but basically I'd say I'm looking to create both "sci-fi" kind of sounds and more harsh textures.

Very nice trades with @robocoder & @UndercoverBrother - both items as described, packed like an effing tank, fast delivery & response during the process. Highly recommended, will trade again :)

Please look at my rack. I am almost done, with now wishing to also use my laptop and vcvrack, realtor blocks buchlA patch 200e and prob iPad too

I want to hear them all together possible to record the rack? I'm using a Yamaha mg10gx with clouds to the jbllsr308s the po32 and also not shown is a korg sq1 connected to pc usb and CV to 0coast...I am really early into this as I'm a guitar gone synth guy too...

should I get the empress effects zoia??(sp) instead to do what I can?

I have been told max msp will do alot for me but I just cant program I dont have the patience..I've tried .. anyway thanks for looking..rack is mantis009

Thread: Change Log

It will only be one of the 1000 email they'll receive about GDRP. It's been soooo tiresome already.

All rights reserved, all wrongs reversed.

Thread: Change Log

General Data Protection Regulation

I did some changes to better comply with the General Data Protection Regulation GDPR everyone is hammered with these days.
We never have actively collected user data but we use services from Google Analytics and other third party companies I have no idea what they do with the data.

So we have

  • a privacy policy
  • a link to that privacy policy on every page
  • an email setting, where you can turn off the pm email notification
  • anonymizer settings in GA and scripts where possible
  • the Cookie alert I thought we will never need

To counter data abuse of third parties in the first place I have deleted the Facebook and Twitter social plugins from the homepage. These are just links now.

Now someone tell me I have to send an email to the 38000 MG users ...

@tFunk sells mint-condition modules, sends them quickly and is very responsive. Many thanks for the three sisters filter :)

Hi, thanks!!!

Thanks @WhatGives great seller! Very easy going, got it shipped out quick, and the item was as described.

Wildcode Desert Sidebar:
( 40 )
* Loquelic
* Links
* White Whale
( 40 )
* Batumi
* Belgrad
* Veils
( 24 )
* Mangrove
* Peaks
* Earthsea

Buy: ;; 26hp
* Plaits
* Stages
* Maybe an Ansible later to replace White Whale.

Sell: (+ 8 38 10 14 18 14 14 14 6 12 18 40 34 14 6) ;; 200-260
(60 hp)


Voltage Block (return to aaron)

Many thanks to @mqldng who sent me a top quality MTM Radio Music, and to @LiquidYzer for his beautifully made nRings. Both items were very well packed, sent quickly and in mint condition!