One thing that you definitely need, is a mixer, for all your signals to go through, so you can collect your signals and listen to them.
A couple LFOs, VCAs, Attenuators, Envelope generators and (maybe) another filter, is a must for your set-up, and try to put in more ways to shape your sound, rather than more sound sources, but again this might be on purpose.
It looks like you're trying to make your modular a "jack of all trades" but I think you might be kinda disappointed in how limited (in the uniqueness of your sound), you are in possiblities in this set-up, but again, I'm not a modular master, And I have a quite limited experience in the modular world. This set-up might also be a bit too ambitious, for a start. I would personally start smaller.

Hope this helps, modular can be quite difficult to wrap your head around.

P.s I don't think that sequencer can control the pitch of your oscillators.
p.p.s Braids and Clouds is discontinued, so you have to find them used.