64 mm wide
121 mm high
Current Draw
9 mA / 9 V DC / Negative Center
$200 Price in €

This Pedal is currently available.

"Marshall in a box" style boost pedal

Dave Friedman’s Small Box all-tube amplifier is well known for being one of the most flexible and touch-responsive amplifiers on the market today. You can now get the same tonal versatility, sensitivity and harmonically rich overdrive as this legendary amp with Friedman’s new Small Box overdrive pedal. The Small Box pedal packs the same intuitive control set as the amplifier, allowing you to dial in your perfect shade of rock, from vintage Plexi goodness to high gain madness. Whether you want a high-output cleaner tone for pushing your amp hard, or a thick gritty drive that will sit well in any classic to modern rock band, a sweep of the gain control easily gets you there. If you want to reign in the gain some more, simply flip the side mounted gain switch and it will simulate the Plexi-Channel of the Small Box amplifier. To experience the Small Box’s accolade-garnering Friedman tone, put this overdrive pedal on your board today.

Can be powered in the 9V to 18V range. Must be powered via DC input jack (center tip negative), no 9V compartment.


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