Space Commander


Boost, Chorus & Reverb.

In the wake of sexual misconduct allegations against Ryan Adams, the singer-songwriter’s signature JHS VCR pedal has been rebranded by the company - and you can pay to have yours rehoused, too.

The Space Commander delivers the same combination of ’80s-inspired boost, chorus and reverb effects, with toggle-switches to take each one in or out of the circuit.

While the new pedal will cost $229, JHS is also offering to rehouse existing VCR pedals with the new design for $35.

In February, gear companies including JHS Pedals, Walrus Audio, Benson Amps and Fender confirmed they would no longer be working with Ryan Adams on signature products following allegations in an in-depth article by the New York Times.

  • 110 mm wide
  • 120 mm high
? mA / ? V AC/DC

This Pedal is currently available.

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