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For sale is a complete Roland VG-99 setup - including the FC-300 MIDI Foot controller that works out of the box and is considered independently one of the best foot controllers you can buy.  It also contains the attachment so you can put the VG-99 on the stand, the stand itself, the cables for the foot controller and the power adapter.  There is also a case included that fits the VG-99 perfectly along with either the foot controller or the stand. (Both will not go in at the same time).   Everything is in excellent working condition and this unit sounds great.   I hate to be selling it but I am slimming down significantly (see my other auctions here).   The VG-99 was the pinnacle of the Roland VG series for guitar modeling.  Still an amazing unit.  I have owned all the VG series.  Starting with the original VG-8, then VG-88, upgraded to the VG-88EX and then the VG-99.  (Separately I will be selling a rare VG-88EX racked mounted unit).I am a huge fan of guitar modeling and being able to instantly do things like instant changes in tunings and this is an amazing setup for that.   I assume if you are looking at this listing you know what this is.  Feel free to ask questions I am pretty knowledgable in this area.Not looking to negotiate.  I am not a music equipment dealer - just a regular guy selling off things.  In no rush to sell and Reverb now charges significant listing fees - nearly 8% not including what PayPal charges :-(

Roland VG-99

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