Effectrode Tube Vibe

The Tube-Vibe™ is a no compromise, innovative & original re-design of the classic Uni-Vibe.

The pre-amp, mixer and phase-shifters sections are built on triode tubes operating at real amp plate voltages and it has a powerful L.F.O. that makes it possible to sculpt thick, swampy vibe tones at higher modulation rates through to textural & spacious chorus effects at slower rates. The tone is outrageously cool – it’s absolutely the lushest, most psychedelic sounding guitar pedal there is! One of those devices that epitomise analogue with it’s unique, slightly blurry, liquid phase-chorused tone, impossible to simulate.

All Tube: Circuitry for the ultimate in audiophile performance! – low background noise and stacks of headroom. The Tube-Vibe takes single coil or humbucker pickups extremely well – the pedal ships with a 12AU7 tube in its input stage so has ample headroom for stunning, clean Vibe tones. However, the 12AU7 can be swapped out for other 9-pin varieties with a higher gain factor such as 12AY7 or 12AX7 to create more of a Leslie-style growl or push your favourite vintage/boutique tube amp into overdrive for some seriously thick/sustaining tones.
Dual LFOs: In ‘Classic’ mode the Tube-Vibe authentically sculpts the deep, swampy Uni-Vibe throb and in ‘Smooth’ mode it reproduces dreamy, ethereal chorus voicings. Additionally, the LFO can be halted (frozen) so it can work as a sweepable notch filter to create hollow sounding scooped textures.
Chorus/Vibrato Switch: Selects between the classic Hendrix/Trower Uni-Vibe chorus and de-tuning pitch-bend vibrato. Additionally, the internal ‘Blend’ trimmer allows further fine-tuning of the vibe throb.
High, one megaohm input impedance: Ensures a wide open and clear tone – your guitar pickup is “seeing” a tube amp input stage. The input resistance of the Uni-Vibe is only 69Kohm which is low enough to load the output of a guitar and dull the sound or cause significant treble loss to single coil pickups.
True Bypass Switching: With Effectrode’s unique ‘anti-pop’ or ‘thump’ footswitching circuitry utilising sealed, gold-contact relay to eliminate the possibility of dirty contacts degrading the sound and minimal internal audio path.
Dakaware Knobs: Authentic phenolic Dakaware, Chicago knobs manufactured in the U.S.A using the original 1940s moulds!
Pulsates with modulation speed for visual song tempo matching
Includes 12V Wall-wart Power Supply: High quality low-noise switched mode 12VDC at 1.5A wall-wart compatible with all our pedals. Accepts 100V to 240VAC mains input and comes with different mains outlet adaptor plugs, so there is always a plug that fits the country that you are playing in.


  • 191 mm wide
  • 122 mm high
1000 mA / 12 V DC / Positive Center

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