203 mm wide
122 mm high
Current Draw
? mA / 9 V AC/DC
$400 Price in €

This Pedal is currently available.

Electrosmith Daisy Field

Programmable Desktop Synth

Program your dream synthesizer with the Daisy Field, a fully functional hardware device utilizing the open source Daisy audio development platform. Field provides an immediate platform for developing with Daisy, without the need for breadboards or circuit design. The LED pad keyboard provides both visual feedback and control input, further enhanced by the presence of buttons, switches, knobs, and CV patchpoints for connecting other gear. There's also TRS MIDI I/O, making Field an excellent companion to any instrument, and highly personalized by your ability to design your own programs.

Developed by Electrosmith, Daisy is an open source audio programming platform. Programs may be written in the C++ programming language, but users of Max/MSP can export their Gen~ patches, and Pure Data users can use the Heavy compiler to upload their favorite instruments and processors into the Field. Plenty of documentation and example programs exist online, meaning that anyone is able to get started with Daisy, regardless of their prior programming knowledge. Whether you dream of designing a synthesizer, sequencer, or MIDI/CV controllable effects processor, the Daisy Field provides an easy and convenient platform to make it a reality.

Desktop device utilizing the open source audio development platform Daisy
Stereo 1/4" audio I/O and dedicated headphone output
1 octave RGB LED keyboard
8 knobs with LEDs
2 buttons and 1 toggle switch
4 CV inputs, 2 CV outputs, and Gate I/O
SD card slot
Documentation and examples available at the Electrosmith GitHub page


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