105 mm wide
180 mm high
Current Draw
100 mA / 5 V DC
$447 Price in €

This Pedal is currently available.

EC4 is a universal controller for all kinds of MIDI controllable hard- and software.

The all-rounder has 16 gridless push-encoders, 7 function buttons and a large OLED-display.

Encoders are switchable to 16 groups that allow controlling a total of 256 control parameters per setup. The display shows the current values of all controls or editable encoder/group/setup names.

Various kinds of MIDI commands are possible, like program change, pitch bend, aftertouch, NRPN, and control change in relative and absolute mode with different acceleration amounts. All these properties are easily and efficiently programmable on the device, allowing personalized customisation for each separate control.


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