170 mm wide
120 mm high
Current Draw
1000 mA / 5 V AC/DC
$510 Price in €

This Pedal is currently available.

Fred's Lab Töörö

6-voice 4-part hybrid "digilog" polysynth

Including our latest discoveries in mixed electronics, the original FL A847 analog filters, this is the perfect module for demanding sound designers and every musician seeking distinctive tones with a strong personality, in a very compact form factor.

Each voice offers 2 complex digital oscillators with waveform morphing, 2-operator linear phase modulation and self-sync features plus a noise source, a ring modulator, the unique FL A847 lowpass filter accompanied by a digital shaper, 2 advanced LFOs and 2 ADSR envelopes.

A modulation matrix with 8 slots allow the animation of most of synthesis parameters.

A master stereo digital FX offering various modulated delays is also included.

Töörö is shipped with a printed version of the QuickStart Guide (in English) and a 1 meter black USB cable.


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