GIG FX Mega Wah

Six Wah’s, Plus a Volume Pedal
Classic Wah: The original analog classic Wah sound, mono or stereo in a lightweight, noise-free optically controlled package
Mega Wah: We took the classsic wah and put it on steroids. Tons more OOOMPH on the bass frequencies and a tooth-rattling upper end.
Trig Wah: The Mega-Wah sound triggered by a note. Sounds awesomely funky.
Auto Wah: Why buy a pedal wah, envelope filter and auto-wah? This pedal does them all!
Stereo Wah: Two circuits give twice the Wah and can be used in a stereo effects train.
Stereo Reverse Wah: Flick a switch and reverse one channel for a neat melodic effect.
Volume Pedal: At the flick of another switch, the pedal becomes a foot volume control.

  • 103 mm wide
  • 228 mm high
? mA / ? V AC/DC

This Pedal is currently available.

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