Grendel Drone Commander Classic Pedal

Drone synthesizer

Grendel Drone Commander Classic Pedal is a unique synthesizer that delivers thick drone tones with the convenient size of an FX pedal stompbox. It brings back the same true analog oscillators and filter from the sought-after original ammo can model that we made from 2008-2014.

The LFO section delivers rhythmic sweeping modulations that animate the filter. It operates the same way as the original, but with a wider frequency range. The Drone Commander’s LFO modulations are based on a slow ramp waveform that sweeps the filter. The ramp can be set for rising or falling slope, and the SHAPE knob crossfades the ramp modulation with a simple ‘blip’ at the end of every LFO cycle. The other half of the LFO section is a unique phase-locked loop (PLL) that tracks the LFO, generating a pulse wave that automatically synchronizes at a frequency of 2x, 4x, 8x, or 16x. The PULSE knob adjusts the depth of filter modulation by this waveform.

The stomp switch brings the sound in and out with a selectable fade or mute effect, allowing hands-free convenience when adding analog drone tones to specific parts of your performance.

Get new sound effects by processing external audio signals through Grendel Drone Commander’s filter and LFO, via its 3.5mm monophonic line input jack.

This analog synthesizer fits conveniently into a pedalboard and can be powered with a daisy-chain cable from a standard 9VDC effects pedal power supply, as well as its internal 9V battery.

  • 105 mm wide
  • 160 mm high
? mA / ? V AC/DC

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