Into the unknown guitar synthesizer deluxe

Fuzz and synthesizer

Into the Unknown Guitar Synthesizer Deluxe is a unique, versatile, fun and totally insane pedal. It can do brutal fuzz, theremin sounds, synthy octaves down and up, flanger'esque modulation, drone'ish noise/oscillation and more.

Get ready to venture into the unknown!

The Into the Unknown 2.0 is a CMOS based fuzz based around the CD4046 PLL (phase locked loop) chip and a CD4015 shift register chip.
It can do brutal fuzz, octave down and octave up, self oscillations, theremin sounds, flanger like modulation and more!

This circuit works best with high output pickups. It is a gated circuit by nature of COMS technology If you are using single coils and need more sustain, try a boost or compressor in front. To tighten up the octave tracking, use your neck pickup with the tone rolled off.

Manufacturer :

Kit :

  • 94 mm wide
  • 119 mm high
? mA / 9 V DC

Available as an assembled Pedal and as a DIY project.

This Pedal is currently available.

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