64 mm wide
118 mm high
Current Draw
19 mA / 9 V DC / Negative Center
$149 Price in €

This Pedal is currently available.

Mas Effects - Sona Fuzz

High Gain Silicon Fuzz

The MAS Effects - Sona Fuzz is a high gain silicon fuzz with a wide range of tone shaping flexibility.
Soft Touch Relay Switch - True Bypass - Made In The USA

Fuzz - Sets the amount of gain, distortion, fuzz, Like with most fuzz pedals, it will interact with the volume knob of your guitar. e.g. roll back the guitar volume at low FUZZ levels to clean up the signal considerably.

Volume - Controls the overall output of the pedal.

Tone - Pans between cutting highs or lows.

Body Switch - Fattens or thins out the signal going into the pedal.

Internal Bias Pot - Can be adjusted to give a gated, sputtery sound.

Internal Fuzz Ceiling - Boost or Cut Fuzz Gain Gain


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