96 mm wide
140 mm high
Current Draw
? mA / ? V AC/DC
$455 Price in €

This Pedal is discontinued.

Moffenzeef The Runner

Moffenzeef The Runner Drone Synthesizer


In collaboration with Boy Harsher, Moffenzeef presents The Runner, a desktop drone synth with five PWM oscillators, internal modulation, and lowpass filter. Coinciding with the release of Boy Harsher's horror film of the same title, The Runner is a dark, heavy-sounding synth with highly musical options. Oscillators can switch between continuous or chromatic tuning with a range of A0-A4 and using the Harmonics knob allows crossfading between the five oscillators, which are tuned octaves and fifths apart. A lowpass filter works as you would expect and has a resonance knob which allows for self-oscillation. An Animate knob controls the amount of modulation sent to the PWM speed/depth, lowpass speed/depth, and detune amount. Two ranges adjust the speed of the internal, organic LFO which moves in an irregular, satisfying manner. A Chorus switch also allows for even more timbral possibilities and the CMOS Distortion takes that even further with the ability to obliterate your signal. With a wide range of sounds, The Runner from Moffenzeef is a fantastic companion for your own score, durational set, or as a handy studio friend for when you need thick drones quickly.

• Limited edition Moffenzeef x Boy Harsher collaboration drone synth
• 5 PWM oscillators
• Harmonics knob crossfades between the 5 oscillators tuned to: -1 octave, +5, +1 octave, +2 octave
• Lowpass filter with resonance
• Continuous or chromatic tuning switch
• Chorus switch
• Animate control for the internal, slowly morphing LFO routed to PWM
• speed/depth, lowpass speed/depth, and detune
• 2-position range switch for LFO speed
• CMOS Distortion


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