Musicom Lab EFX MkIII+ Audio Controller

Pedal Switcher

The EFX MkIII+ Audio Controller is the ultimate floor-based switching system.
It is a compact, easy to use, has 8 fully programmable loops, 4 function switches and a MIDI foot controller.
The EFX Mk III+ Audio Controller has 240 memory locations, configured as 60 banks of 4 presets, plus a global preset. It can transmit 5 MIDI Program Change messages on 5 MIDI channels and 12 MIDI Control Change messages on an appointed MIDI channel.
Also one continuous controller port(XPDL) is included and can be programmed with designated MIDI channels and controller numbers.
The Master/Slave Mode allows one EFX MkIII+ to function as a master controller for a second slave EFX MkIII+ unit.
The EFX Mk III+ Audio Controller has a low-noise, high quality buffer to prevent the loss of guitar signal. The input buffer can be bypassed for Hi-Z input pedals such as Fuzzes etc.
The EFX Mk III+ Audio Controller is made of high quality parts, including heavy-duty stomp switches and gold-plated relays.
It is cased within a compact and rugged aluminium enclosure.

  • 279 mm wide
  • 132 mm high
? mA / ? V AC/DC

This Pedal is discontinued.

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