Unknown Devices - Ogami Itto

Tape delay and saturation

Ogami Ittō is a Teensy 4.1 based effect pedal. It is composed of 2 main sections: a saturation/distortion unit and a 3-head tape delay. The saturation/distortion unit is based on a morphing waveshaper and bit-crusher that can saturate but nicely distort thee signal.

Depending on the waveform used, you can obtain clean or musical distortions with lots of harmonic overtones, while the bit-crusher can be used subtly to add high frequencies or destroy the signal and create the perfect noise. The tape delay is composed of a single delay buffer read by three heads at different speeds. Both the delay time and the loop length can be set differently for each head and synced to midi or tap tempo.

It is customizable so the user can change the routing from saturation into delay to delay wet signal into saturation. Plus each section can be disabled in case you only want to use one part of the effect processor. Also nice is that knobs don’t have fixed mappings. Every of the pedal’s knob and switch can be assigned to different functions.

The pedal comes with an editor (currently only for Max4Live, later a standalone version at launch) with which you get full control on every parameter of the effect chain. You can load presets and remap every potentiometer/switch on the pedal from here. Ogami Ittō’s firmware is in constant development and three different patches are planned for launch and thanks to the Teensy architecture features can be easily added. New features are added on a daily base according to the developer.

Digital mono-in stereo-out effect pedal
600MHz Cortex M7 MCU
AK4558 Codec, 16-bit 44100Hz
9V 300mAh
Expression pedal input
Hammond 1590BB enclosure


  • 119 mm wide
  • 93 mm high
? mA / ? V AC/DC

This Pedal is currently available.

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