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Big Board ProtonLenny

The Rack contains 14 Modules.

  • My tressy Pedalboard (copy) shares 5 modules

    My tressy Pedalboard (copy)
  • My Cock Rock pedalboard shares 3 modules

    My Cock Rock pedalboard
  • My loury Pedalboard shares 3 modules

    My loury Pedalboard
  • Pedaltrain Metro 16 shares 4 modules

    Pedaltrain Metro 16
  • ES8 Board shares 3 modules

    ES8 Board
  • My unusual Pedalboard shares 3 modules

    My unusual Pedalboard
  • My dicey Pedalboard shares 4 modules

    My dicey Pedalboard
  • My big board for the FX loop shares 3 modules

    My big board for the FX loop
  • medium QC shares 3 modules

    medium QC
  • My contained Pedalboard shares 3 modules

    My contained Pedalboard
  • My olid Pedalboard shares 3 modules

    My olid Pedalboard
  • the plan shares 3 modules

    the plan