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Floorboards dadaudio

The Rack contains 22 Modules.

  • The Ultimate Pedalboard shares 30 modules

    The Ultimate Pedalboard
  • White Light shares 5 modules

    White Light
  • My Cortini Pedalboard shares 4 modules

    My Cortini Pedalboard
  • My incog Pedalboard shares 12 modules

    My incog Pedalboard
  • Popularity Contest (copy) (copy) shares 4 modules

    Popularity Contest (copy) (copy)
  • Trio 28 shares 4 modules

    Trio 28
  • My olid Pedalboard shares 7 modules

    My olid Pedalboard
  • ped x shares 4 modules

    ped x
  • Ambient Pedalboard shares 4 modules

    Ambient Pedalboard
  • My dodgy Pedalboard shares 6 modules

    My dodgy Pedalboard
  • Adamalthus Pedalboard [Rack V1] shares 4 modules

    Adamalthus Pedalboard [Rack V1]
  • Pedals (copy) shares 4 modules

    Pedals (copy)