Particle V2

Granular Synthesis Pedal

Delay/Pitch shifting/Granular synthesis pedal;

Particle™ is a granular delay / pitch shifting pedal. It chops your signal into small grains and then does various strange, trippy, robot things to it, using the techniques of granular synthesis in real time. Results range from radical pitch and delay modulation to shimmering repeats to stutter/glitch sounds.

New in version 2:

Stereo in/out (TRS)
2.5 second delay time
Soft touch footswitches
Tap tempo with divisions
Assignable expression pedal
USB MIDI and firmware updates
Additional parameters via MIDI Presets (4 on front, 127 via MIDI)
Improved fidelity
Smaller enclosure, jacks on top

  • 77 mm wide
  • 121 mm high
  • Ø 4.00 (2 Votes) Average Rating
? mA / ? V AC/DC

This Pedal is currently available.

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