Black Box Overdrive 2

Modded Marshall Bluesbreaker clone

• Unique internal tri-mode switch makes it THREE pedals in one - a pre-gain boosted Hi-Gain overdrive; our Classic Lo-Gain overdrive; and a TRUE Clean Boost
• Carefully and beautifully hand-wired in the USA - no cheap Chinese manufacturing
• Gain, Tone, Presence, Volume, and pre-gain Boost controls, plus internal Bright/Smooth Voicing switch
• True-Bypass switching for complete bypass transparency
• Absolute top-quality components, including Alpha potentiometers, Neutrik jacks, Xicon metal-film resistors, Nichicon electrolytics and Panasonic ECQ poly-film capacitors
• Military-grade 24 AWG stranded wire for durability
• Davies-style molded cream-colored knobs
• Top quality US-manufactured matte black and gold PCB
• Socketed op-amp
• Bright (but not blinding) blue LED
• Powered by Boss-style 9-18VDC regulated power supply
• 100% handmade, hand-drilled and hand-wired
• So clean inside ya can lick it! No rats nest wiring in these here boxes!

  • 70 mm wide
  • 128 mm high
  • Ø 5.00 (1 Votes) Average Rating
? mA / ? V AC/DC

This Pedal is currently available.

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