Vocal and guitar effects

TC-Helicon VoiceLive Play GTX takes everything that VoiceLive Play gives to singers and adds award-winning TC Electronic guitar effects and AmpTones. Artist presets offer signature vocal and guitar sounds while full editing ability allows you to define your unique style. Pro or practicing, acoustic or electric, VoiceLive Play GTX is the singing guitarist' dream machine.

Add MP-75 or Switch-3 for additional control or performance, effects and looping
200+ song & artist inspired presets for vocals & guitar
Dedicated guitar effects processing from TC Electronic. No amp required
Key for harmonies and pitch correction set automatically from guitar input
Dual die-cast clamshell design
Acrylic lens
Punch-cut metal connection panel
Rubberized footings
Backlit graphic LCD display
Preset up/down and HIT footswitch
Bump-protected mic level
Dual-color backlit buttons
Dedicated Effect Block On/Offs

  • 200 mm wide
  • 156 mm high
? mA / ? V AC/DC

This Pedal is discontinued.

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