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Submitted Modules

G-System HP Multieffect View
Nova Drive HP Distortion View
Polytune 3 HP Tuner View
Mic Mechanic 2 HP Multieffect View
Trem HP Tremolo View
Gravitas HP Tremolo View
Timmy HP Distortion View
Mercury 7 HP Reverb View
Honey Bee HP Distortion View
Dimension Blue Monger HP Chorus View
MS-70CDR MultiStomp HP MultieffectChorusDelayDigitalReverb View
Dual Expression pedal HP ControllerExpression View
APP-1 HP BassPreAmpDistortion View
Disnortion Micro HP Distortion View
Key9 HP Modeling/SimulationPitch Shifter Synth Voice View
Turbo RAT HP Distortion View
Buffer HP Utility View
AB Box HP Utility View
MF Trem HP Tremolo View
MF Ring HP Ring ModulatorTremolo View
Scarlett Love v3 HP Distortion View
GCS-2 GUITAR CABINET SIMULATOR HP UtilityModeling/Simulation View
Ottobit Jr HP FilterDigital GlitchDistortion View
Phasor 201 HP Phase Shifter View
Weeping Demon HP Wah View
Tonal Recall HP Delay View
Cali76 Compact Deluxe HP Dynamics View
Sonic Stomp HP Equalizer View
Buffalo TDX HP Distortion View
Vertex Effects Steel String Clean Drive HP PreAmpDistortionEqualizer View
Buffalo Evolution HP Distortion View
Effectrode PC-2A HP Dynamics View
Red Dirt Overdrive HP Distortion View
Quantum leap HP Chorus View
Ninevolt car crush chorus/vibe HP Chorus View
Sonic Stomp Mini HP Equalizer View
Sex Drive HP DistortionDynamicsMultieffect View
RC-20XL HP Looper View
Big Mini Tuner HP Tuner View
Swindler The Gulf HP View
Buffer+ Stereo HP Utility View
R.Attack HP Distortion View
Orange Bax Bangeetar HP Distortion View
FP-777 HP View
Super Charged Overdrive HP Distortion View
Oxford HP Distortion View
TS7 HP Distortion View
Cry Baby Mini Wah HP Wah View
Pitchblack HP Tuner View
Turbo Tuner ST-300 HP Tuner View
Dazatronyx Tsuchi Fuzz HP Distortion View
EbTech HE-2 Hum Eliminator HP Utility View
StageBug SB-1 DI HP Utility View
NNB Neunaber Expanse MIDI Bridge HP Utility View
DOD Carcosa HP Distortion View
Keymaster HP UtilitySwitch View
Loop-master Clean/Dirty Effects Switcher w/Master Bypass Strip HP UtilitySwitch View
Torpedo C.A.B. HP UtilityModeling/Simulation View
Bass Synth Wah HP FilterBassWah View
Clyde Deluxe Wah HP FilterWah View
Bass Big Muff Pi HP DistortionBass View
Bogner Burnley HP Distortion View
Bogner Wessex HP Distortion View
Sunday Driver HP Distortion View
DMC-6 Gen 3 HP UtilityMIDI View
FZ7 Fuzz HP Distortion View
Gain Changer HP DistortionPreAmp View
Memory Lane Jr HP Delay View
Super Chili Picoso HP Distortion View
Sweet Honey Overdrive HP Distortion View

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Red Dirt Overdrive
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